LINA is an art therapy app designed to boost personal growth and mental health through creative drawing exercises and insightful activities.

Key Details of LINA

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  • July 2, 2024
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About the application LINA

LINA is an innovative art therapy app that uses the power of creativity to foster personal growth and mental health. The app offers a unique blend of art therapy activities, journaling prompts, reflection oracle cards, and meditations, all designed to help users explore their feelings, gain self-awareness, and boost self-esteem.

Background and Development

LINA was created by a team of professionals, including certified art therapist Nadya Balitskaya, who combines the Carl Jung method and art therapy principles to create deep art therapy activities for the app. The team also includes a core engineer, iOS developer, product designer, marketer, psychologist, meditation coach, web & graphic designer, and illustrator.

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